Achieving custom exhibition stands with QUICKBLOCK

The event industry is back with what feels like an almighty bang and a sigh of relief after the past couple of years’ of abstinence. We have waved a fond farewell to social distancing measures and got back to doing what we do best supporting the event industry. Shell schemes are looking smarter than ever with competition to be and look the best in an effort to represent a business or brand to be at the top of their game. QUICKBLOCK are here to support the event industry creating long-lasting first and ongoing impression with our custom exhibition stands.

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a number of clients on their event furniture and infrastructure, most notably Media 10 at UK Construction Week

Their event infrastructure consisted of a backdrop to host their screen and seating for their event theatre space creating a sustainable space in a relevant environment.  

It was also fantastic to see Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc putting QUICKBLOCK to good use, providing a learning station for the competing schools to design a carbon neutral multi-story carpark at their Lego League Regional Final whilst also displaying an amazing concept for event shell schemes.

We were also delighted to be showcasing our staging system recently made entirely of QUICKBLOCK interlocking blocks at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc meeting Cabinet Secretary, Kate Forbes MSP at the launch of Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Development.

Investing in shell schemes can be a costly exercise for any business, particularly if you only plan to use them once and then change the design in the future. We’re confident that QUICKBLOCK can solve this problem with customisable elements including colour, shape and size. You could make a one-time investment for your event furniture to create multi-faceted shell schemes time and time again. 

The benefits of a QUICKBLOCK custom exhibition stand system:

  1. Sustainable – it’s becoming more and more important for brands to be supporting a sustainable initiative. QUICKBLOCK is made from 100% recycled polypropylene so it allows you to use this as a talking point with visitors to your event shell schemes.
  2. Reusable – It’s a one-time investment and you can create a new look each time to keep it fresh. 
  3. Transportable – Due to their flatpack nature, they can be easily transported, saving space in delivery vehicles to events up and down the country ready for you to create your custom exhibition stands. 
  4. Rapid assembly – We’re super proud of the modular building system that allows you to build shell schemes in under 20 minutes. Giving you more time to prepare your event networking plan!

For more information on how to use QUICKBLOCK in the events and hospitality industry, click here. Or to go ahead and make a purchase, visit our online shop

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