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Earth Day 2024: Planet vs Plastics

Empowering Sustainability – QUICKBLOCK and Responsible Plastic Management As we celebrate World Earth Day under the theme “Planet vs Plastics,” it’s a poignant reminder of the critical juncture we face in our relationship with plastic. Amidst the global call to action against plastic pollution, solutions like QUICKBLOCK stand

Press Release

Scottish start-up secures £1.3 million investment despite shipping chaos A Scottish company has secured investor backing for its unique recycled plastic construction blocks. QUICKBLOCK’S construction blocks are shipped flat packed on pallets for rapid assembly in the defence, security, humanitarian aid and commercial markets. The Stirling-based company recently

Pioneering US-Scottish combat veteran joins Scots construction board  

QUICKBLOCK is delighted to announce that a retired US Army colonel has joined the board of Scottish construction firm which makes unique flat-packed construction blocks from recycled plastic as it powers into international markets.  Yvette Hopkins brings a wealth of experience in the defence and security industry to

How QUICKBLOCK can act as an Emergency Temporary Building

QUICKBLOCK are a versatile solution that can provide fast and reliable emergency shelter in a variety of circumstances. Whether you are dealing with natural disasters like floods or need temporary housing for displaced peoples, QUICKBLOCK can provide a reliable solution that can be assembled quickly and easily. We’ve