Planters by QUICKBLOCK

Summer 2021 in the UK was one of the warmest to date and many took to renovating their gardens. QUICKBLOCK delivered planters of varying sizes to a number of our customers throughout the summer.

In peak planting season and throughout summer, planters are often hard to come by, and not to mention difficult to get home from the garden centre. QUICKBLOCK planters come flat-packed meaning they are easily transported, and unlike traditional planters, QUICKBLOCK planters are reconfigurable meaning you can change the depth, length or height of your planter at anytime.

Another key benefit is that the blocks are hollow and can be infilled with additional materials to make a permanent feature within the garden, and once they are infilled, they are solid and sturdy. They can be infilled with materials such as soil, sand, type 1 hardcore or even waste material.

One of our customers sent some pictures of their planters where they added some timber to the edges which really finishes them off perfectly. QUICKBLOCK Planters have also been used by a local school; St Ninians to spruce up their school garden. They were also used by a primary school in Renfrewshire to create social distancing zones outside of their drop-off/pick-up zone.

QUICKBLOCK offers a sustainable gardening solution as our blocks are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. They can also be recreated for an entirely different purpose and at the end of their product life, they are fully recyclable.

We hope to share some more content of our planters in use throughout summer 2022.

We were all set to engage a landscape gardener to build our raised gardens …. then we discovered QuickBlock… we did it ourselves in record time with no need for hard to use or messy materials…. great product !
Mr MacPhail

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