Pop-up Social Distancing Infrastructure: Renfrewshire Council

The Project

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing solution for the local community, QuickBlock was used to create rectangular planters which were in-filled with topsoil, in which the school children planted flowers. The planters were placed directly to the road and in-filled, this secures the planters in place whilst not disrupting the road surface. Other fixing methods are also available. Due to the flexibility of the product, the size of the planters was adapted by the install team to fit the local surroundings.

Nine planters were constructed in one day by two people (no training required). The client was attracted to QuickBlock due to the flexibility in sizes of structures which can be assembled to suit the site-specific requirements.

Public Realm Applications

Safe Zones – outside schools, public buildings and vital public spaces.

Sustainable / flexible barriers – pop-up barriers to encourage flow /support physical distancing measure. The blocks can be in-filled with locally sourced materials, or left hollow if need be.

Planters – as above, instead of large barriers often seen in streets, extended foot ways / cycle lanes / shop front queues could be marked using walls of QuickBlock hosting flowers / fauna.

Storage and Security – walls, storage shelters or hoardings for public spaces.

The product was delivered within days, easy to transport to site, simple, intuitive and really flexible to work with.
Site Contractor

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