QUICKBLOCK’s team building activity plan

There are significant benefits to investing in your team, developing their skills and boosting your company culture. Team building enhances your organisation’s productivity because these activities help your workforce understand each other better than they did before; working together to achieve the same goals.

A good team building session will develop problem-solving skills, inspire innovation, enhance personal growth, encourage collaboration in your team and improve communication and morale. We also happen to think that a great team building session involves interlocking blocks

That’s right!

Setting your team a QUICKBLOCK challenge so that they can come together and solve it as a collective instantly makes the environment more diverse and interesting, preventing your team from getting caught up in the daily routine. We’ve recently worked with a number of businesses to provide team building sessions and spread the good word of our sustainable construction.

Strathclyde Inspire

Supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship for all University of Strathclyde students, staff and alumni takes a lot of creativity, imagination and energy. We loved getting some of the team together for a team building afternoon to help them think outside the box… or the blocks.

We challenged teams of members to a creativity task asking them ‘What would you build?’ and we witnessed all sorts of QUICKBLOCK temporary structures and creations come to life including staircases, shelving, abstract sculptures and lots more. All of the teams then came together to create a fully branded temporary wall divider. This challenge allowed the team to explore opportunities in a high energy workshop, giving each team member room to explore, communicate and problem solve. They were also involved in a blind folded building challenge, guided by their team mates to produce functional temporary structures. This not only improved leadership qualities but helped to build trust among them.

See how the team got on here:


Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc

Generating economic growth in Scotland and supporting a fair and just transition to net zero economy is no mean feat and we’re delighted to be working with MSIP on a number of projects involving sustainable construction. More recently, were delighted to host Fintry Primary School to test out QUICKBLOCK’s interlocking blocks in a number of STEM activities. 

STEM aims to bring together Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to solve real-world problems. QUICKBLOCK’s building challenges allowed them to use critical analysis to problem solve and demonstrate their creative abilities as a small team. Their temporary structures resulted in staircases, seating solutions and stage platforms. They really pushed the boundaries using the STEM framework to achieve their results.

Nice work QUICKBLOCKERs! Take a look at their handy work here:

We’d love to support you on your business mission to enhance your team’s productivity and build stronger relationships, here’s a QUICK snapshot of how we can help you achieve your team building goals:

  1. We offer a range of challenges designed to meet your business objectives
  2. We can facilitate your team building sessions or equip you with everything you need to run them yourself
  3. Our interlocking blocks can be fully branded for your own organisation
  4. Flexible purchasing options from temporary hire or long term investment
  5. A sustainable construction product that can be reused time and time again and made from 100% recycled plastic
  6. Flat packed for ease of delivery to your location and simple to transport and store

So, that leaves just one question… What would your team build?

Contact us today to find out how we can run one of the most innovative team building sessions in the UK.

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