Introducing “Village in a Box” by QUICKBLOCK, an innovative concept that redefines disaster relief housing solutions. This revolutionary initiative offers 24 houses, delivered in flat-pack, within a single shipping container.

Village in a Box enables swift deployment and easy transportation to remote or crisis-stricken locations. The efficient utilization of space ensures that each container encompasses 24 fully-functional houses, each with 17 sqm of living space, promoting a sense stability for displaced communities.


24 HOUSes

rapidly deployable

With no tools or skills required to use QUICKBLOCK, a small team can build large housing structures in a matter of hours


When there is no further requirement for disaster relief shelters, QUICKBLOCK can be flat-packed and stored or used for a variety of alternative projects


Our polypropylene blocks can support a variety of services and fixings, ensuring inhabitants can customise their shelter to suit their needs


The QUICKBLOCK build system is incredibly dynamic, giving you flexibility when having to plan and build on different shaped sites or environments

efficiently deployed

Arriving in a single 40ft shipping container, our blocks can be deployed swiftly and efficiently. No need for heavy machinery, tools or trained labour 

low impact

QUICKBLOCK structure can be free standing meaning no foundations are required to build upon. If required, structures can be anchored to the ground with ease

Designed to address pressing global challenges, such as disaster relief scenarios and refugee camps, Village in a Box brings forth a pragmatic approach to meeting urgent housing needs. By leveraging recycled plastic, QUICKBLOCK prioritizes environmental sustainability without compromising on quality or durability.

By embracing this innovative solution, disaster management agencies, NGOs, relief organisations, and governments can efficiently and rapidly establish safe, sustainable communities for those in need.

The modular design of QUICKBLOCK allows for the installation of essential facilities such as plumbing, sanitation, and electricity, tailored to the specific needs of the inhabitants. This customizable approach ensures that the housing units can be adapted to the unique requirements of different communities.


The requirement for better temporary shelter is undeniable. QUICKBLOCK can be deployed in an emergency scenario at the same speed as tents, however it offers more safety and security from day one. Beyond the emergency scenario, QUICKBLOCK housing has the ability to transition into more semi-permanent and permanent homes over time.

The adaptability and versatility of “Village in a Box” and the QUICKBLOCK platform allows for flexible transition from temporary housing to semi-permanent or permanent dwellings, catering to the evolving needs of communities over time. The system allows for installation of different roofing panels, windows, doors, services and cladding to the structure, allowing communities to modify their dwellings to meet local culture aesthetic.

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