Well-sheltered animal pens this Winter

animal pensIf you work outdoors or in the agricultural sectors, you’ll already be feeling the slightly colder weather of the Autumnal seasons kicking in and before you know it, Winter will have arrived. Here at QUICKBLOCK, we understand the importance of keeping your live stock well protected from the elements so we’ve put together some our top tips for animal pens heading into colder climes. 

Consider the terrain

Finding the balance between building animal pens on higher ground (where they are open to more windy weather) and lower ground (where they are open to more wet ground) is a tricky one. Managing muddy ground is crucial to ensure your animals don’t chill as well as increasing the chances of hoof and mouth disease and other parasitic infections. QUICKBLOCK’s sustainable construction solution offers the opportunity for animal pens to be built anywhere. Their adaptable design can be easily erected and then taken down again and moved if you need to find a better spot for your livestock depending on the weather. This can save you thousands in building a permanent structure that may no longer be fit for purpose.

Consider the materials

It may sound obvious to suggest that you need something weatherproof for your animal pens, but have you considered the environmental impact of your shelters? Introducing sustainable building methods can have a seriously positive effect on our planet and QUICKBLOCK is proud to be part of this ongoing solution. Our interlocking blocks are made from 100% recycled plastic which tackles two issues; making use of recycled plastic waste and removing the need for non-sustainable construction. All this whilst also remaining entirely weatherproof, protecting your livestock come rain or shine. Find out more about our sustainability here.

Consider transportation

Moving animals can be a stressful time for them so it’s important to be conducted with comfort and safety in mind. Providing ample feed and water can help to reduce the stress levels. Being able to build your animal pens quickly and without any hassle or complicated instructions can also be of a massive benefit when you unload them at your destination. QUICKBLOCK is a sustainable building that can be created to your own design within a matter of minutes. Watch this video of our team building an office room within 20 minutes.

Consider separating your animals

You will know that different species require different kinds of care, what works for a pig may not be what’s required for your chickens and this can be become complicated and expensive to ensure your animal pens cater for them all. Instead, consider creating a temporary wall divider for them, this can be put up or taken down with ease and stored again until the time of year that you require it again. Flexibility is key!

At QUICKBLOCK, we believe we can offer a real solution to sustainable construction of animal pens thanks to the massive benefits of our interlocking blocks. Being lightweight and portable makes them easy to transport to rural locations. They are extremely simple to build with a fast turnaround and no skilled labour required. They can also be infilled with sand or a type 1 material for a more permanent structure on your land. For more inspiration for the agricultural sector, please visit this page. 

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