A guide to temporary buildings

Temporary buildings are ones that do not have any intention of being in place for a long period of time. There are a variety of temporary buildings or shelters available for various projects and needs. We decided to review the options and discuss how QUICKBLOCK can be considered as a material to build with for temporary structures. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different types of temporary buildings including tents & marquess, typical garden sheds and garden room pods.  

Tents and Marquees 

Tents and marquees are often used through the spring/summer months when the weather is more predictable. Whilst they can provide a beautiful outdoor setting for a special occasion or shelter at a music festival, we all know what might happen when the bad weather decides to roll in. When camping in a tent, a soggy ground sheet can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. When using a marquee for an event, a strong gust of wind could see your marquee on the other side of the field leaving your guests exposed to the elements. These are just some of the reasons why tents and marquees are often only used when the weather is suitable. All drawbacks aside, tents and marquees also provide a number of benefits for temporary buildings. They are lightweight which is great for transportation, they can be a cheaper alternative to other temporary building solutions and they quick to put up and take down.   

Garden Sheds 

Usually made from timber, a garden shed can be an ideal storage solution for many homes and are commonplace in the UK. But what happens when the day arrives that you want to landscape the garden, or if you require some more storage space? Moving the shed can be physically demanding and requiring many people to assist. Garden sheds are also manufactured in metal and plastic which usually come in many parts making for a long and frustrating build process. This can often mean that it can be days building the shed once it arrives. Additionally, timber need to be treated every year in the drier months to ensure that the shed lasts long and keeps over the winter months. This can be time consuming and costly upkeep. 

Garden Room Pods 

Garden room pods have been very popular over the last two years with the pandemic seeing a large number of people forced to work from home. Garden room pods are a great solution to build as an outhouse. Outhouses can be used for numerous purposes including for working from home, for play dens for children, an enjoyable place to read a book and many have built their very own at the home bar. Such pods typically come in standard sizes. If there is a specific size required, custom made pods can be costly.  Not only are the materials and build expensive but you usually have to pay for a team of people to assemble it for you.  

What about QUICKBLOCK? 

QUICKBLOCK is a one-stop shop when it comes to temporary building solutions. From wildlife hides to clay-pigeon shooting shelters, we’ve seen and supported a number of temporary build projects, take a look at our projects for some inspiration. And where you might find several drawbacks on the above options, we think we tick the following boxes: 

  • Sustainability – produced from 100% recycled plastic, QUICKBLOCK solves a global issue as well as providing a sustainable building solution.  
  • Reusability – once you’re done, our product can be easily dismantled, flat-packed and stored until you’re ready to use it again. Alternatively, the blocks can be repurposed for an entirely different use.  
  • Rapid assembly –  a small temporary (2m x 5m) shelter is assembled in just over 20 minutes by people with no training or prior knowledge of the system.  
  • Weatherproof –   With options to infill or anchor the blocks to the ground, we’ve seen our solutions withstand 100mph winds..  
  • Transportable – QUICKBLOCK is flat packable, so it’s easy to transport to the most remote of sites (even to places vehicles cannot access). Take a look at our product size and weight for more information. 
  • Affordable – increasing the speed and efficiency of projects, with no need for additional materials or skilled labour QUICKBLOCK significantly reduces the whole project cost.   


Is QUICKBLOCK a solution for your temporary building needs? For a full quotation, please contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.  

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