Our flexible and durable product can be adapted to a variety of uses across many applications.

shelters and sheds

As mentioned, QUICKBLOCK can be used in a variety of markets and applications. We provide flat-packed hollow modular building blocks that can be infilled for extra support when building larger structures. QUICKBLOCK offers a sustainable approach to the building by using 100% recycled polypropylene. 

Below are some examples of using QUICKBLOCK to build shelters and sheds. 

Benefits of using QUICKBLOCK for shelters & sheds:

dividing & retaining walls

QUICKBLOCK has been used within Agriculture and Light Construction sectors to build diving walls and retaining walls. They are a great product to use at they are strong and can be infilled with Type 1 Hardcore or Sand for extra support. Diving walls can be used in a number of applications including at home or in the office to divide spaces or even used for events to aid with social distancing. Our blocks have also been used to create retaining walls within gardens. 

Over summer we provided our Equine Weatherguard to a farm who were looking to protect their horses from the wind and rain throughout the summer.

events infrastructure

Our product is so versatile that it can be used indoors or outdoors for events and hospitality! 

Our customers have used QUICKBLOCK in a number of ways for this sector to create furniture, pop-up bars, dividing walls for social distancing, shell schemes and even podiums and stages! QUICKBLOCK is the ideal solution for events and hospitality as they can be easily flat packed and transported from venue to venue or to be able to store the blocks when not in use. 

Home and Garden

Not only can QUICKBLOCK be used in various industries and sectors but our modular building blocks can be used within your home and garden. Perfect for use indoors or outdoors, QUICKBLOCK can be used to create outdoor furniture, bars, planters, flowerbeds, sheds, dividing and retaining walls within the garden. 

Below are some examples on how our customers have used QUICKBLOCK to create within their home and gardens: 

Humanitarian and disaster relief

QUICKBLOCK is easily transportable due to the blocks being able to be flat packed. The blocks provide solutions to provide aid in emergency situations to provide shelter and storage.

Possible solutions within the sector with QUICKBLOCK include creating temporary shelters, COVID-19 social distancing measures & dividing walls, temporary storage shelters and mobile units.

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