Are you lambing season ready?

The lambing season is one of the busiest in the farming community with sixteen million ewes giving birth every year in the UK. It’s the time of year that generally signals to the rest of the UK that spring has sprung when they see a bouncing lamb galloping across a field. It can also mean it’s all hands-on deck at the farm with ewes giving birth 24/7 often needing help from a farmer, so it’s good to be prepared beforehand.  

QUICKBLOCK® can take some of the stress out of preparing for an influx of new lambs this year. If you’re already in the thick of it, with lambing season now happening any time between November – May, then our quick and affordable solution is just for you.  

QUICKBLOCK is the ideal solution for all types temporary shelter or agricultural structure for both indoor or outdoor use. Whether you need to house the ewes and rams separately, keep the young with their mothers or build a brand-new solution from scratch to house all your livestock. We offer an assigned account manager and project engineer to assist with planning and building your QUICKBLOCK shelter.  

We provide a sustainable building solution with our product being made from 100% recycled plastic, it’s lightweight to transport but extremely durable and has proven to withstand the Great British weather conditions. Farmers can easily build temporary lambing shelters with our product in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the hollow blocks allow for them to be infilled to create a more permanent structure. 

 QUICKBLOCK can be infilled with locally sourced materials such as Type 1 hardcore, sand, soil, or waste from around your site. Your new structure will arrive flat packed and with full instructions on how to build your desired shape and size. So, if you can’t get to it right away, it can be easily stored until you’re ready to begin. The best part about our temporary structures is that they can be disassembled after the lambing season, stored, and used again next year. Alternatively, they can be repurposed for another use on the farm until next the next lambing season.  

You would be forgiven for looking at one of our structures and assuming you’d need a high level of skill to put it all together. The simple, interlocking design means you can build whatever you need without the need for skilled labour, specialised tooling, or additional materials. You just need someone willing to spend 20 minutes or so to pop it all in place.  

We know how valuable your livestock is to you when it arrives so we can assure you our structures are very safe to house your new-born lambs. Roofing, doors/small gates can be added to the structures if needed, making the perfect new home for the ewes and their young. By adding  room for a gate/door allows for you to be able to access the sheep for feeding and care as well as allowing for much needed ventilation. QUICKBLOCK is available in a olive-green, blending in nicely to its surroundings as a haven for your animals.  

Our product has been used in many applications within the agricultural and equestrian community within the UK. QUICKBLOCK has been used for field shelters, feed rooms, diving walls, creating office spaces within agricultural sheds and for storage purposes. Examples of QUICKBLOCK being used in these settings can be found here 

Build your own in time for the lambing season this year with the help of one of the team. Enquire today and a representative will be in touch.  

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