Interlocking Blocks – How QUICKBLOCK® Blocks Work


In a nutshell: a sustainable and more efficient alternative to mainstream building materials. Think of them as giant bricks or building blocks, you can build practically anything with them. Each block is made from 100% recycled polypropylene that have similar properties to conventional building materials. The material, alongside our award-winning design results in the blocks being waterproof, durable, strong, and easy to use.  

As our name suggests, the blocks are quick to assemble which is why they are perfect for situations where temporary buildings need to be constructed quickly, however our blocks can also be infilled for permanent use also. We offer our blocks in standard sizes, but we also accommodate bespoke designed QUICKBLOCK solutions to meet your requirements.  

QUICKBLOCK offers a unique alternative to the market as they are provided in a flatpack format which brings efficiency in transport. The flat packed design means you are able to dismantle and store your pop-up buildings or temporary structures easily whilst saving space. 

How do they work?

This innovative system starts with each block being individually assembled from flatpack.  The blocks are made up of hinged joints in the corners which are reinforced with a pin. Once the blocks are assembled, they can be joined together with our unique interlocking system. The blocks are stacked as bricks would be, to the required height. The top blocks of each section can be capped to fully enclose the structure.  Our temporary buildings can be built on any ground without having to dig foundations.  They can be infilled with materials such as soil, sand or type 1 hardcore for additional strength and stability.   

Take a look at our YouTube video on how the blocks easily interlock to build your desired structure here.

Do i need a tradesman to use QUICKBLOCK?

We have designed our blocks with everyone in mind.  The beauty of the blocks is that they can be assembled by anyone with or without construction experience.  No specialist tools are required, everything that you need is delivered directly to your door.  If you are purchasing a kit from our onlineyour build will come with detailed, easy to read instructions talking you through the building process.  For our bespoke designs, you will have an assigned account manager that will assist youevery step of the way.   

How do i order?

QUICKBLOCK suit a varied selection of projects due to their flexible and easy to use qualities. Our team are highly skilled and knowledgeable  and available to assist with your project. When ordering our team will help you calculate exactly how many blocks you will require for your build, this makes it extremely cost effective and sustainable, as you only purchase what you need.  

If you have an idea in mind or think that QUICKBLOCK could help with a structure you have in mind, please get in touch with our team today who will be more than happy to assist you.   

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