It’s time to get back outdoors in Prep For Spring Gardens

The birds are beginning to get more vocal, the nights are finally getting lighter and it’s time to take our cues from nature to think about preparing the garden for Spring/Summer.

Whilst gardens and allotments were looking lifeless and bleak over the early months of the year, things are now springing to life and this is the time we can pay some attention and begin to sow seeds in readiness for a colourful and vibrant outdoor space in the coming months.

Quickblock plastic planters are a quick and easy solution to any and all spaces. If you only have a windowsill you can still begin to inject life and colour to your home with one or two recycled plastic blocks. If you have the luxury of an allotment, our larger planters can be made to ensure 2023 harvest is your best yet.

According to Monty Don, and I think we all hold him as the oracle of what to do and when, when it comes to all things green fingered- it’s now and the next few weeks that we need to prepare space and sow seeds to reap the rewards in the coming months.
Here are a few top tips to fully embrace the new season and our Quickblock plastic planters can help. Whether it’s raised beds you’re preparing, a windowbox or an enviable allotment space:

  • Sow seeds under cover such as cabbage, lettuce, celery, beetroot and tomatoes. Do not sow any seeds outside if the ground feels cold to touch. If warm and dry enough, sow broad beans, beetroot, rocket, spinach, mizuna, parsnips, radish and winter lettuce.
  • Chit potatoes and plant out at the beginning of the month in an outdoor planter when the compost is dry enough.
  • Plant out onion and shallot sets. Cover them with fleece for the first couple of weeks to stop birds pulling them from the ground.
  • Dig in overwintering green manure.
  • Dig any unprepared ground and/or make raised beds by the end of the month.
  • Sow tomatoes- scatter seeds thinly on peat-free compost and very lightly cover then with compost, water them and put in a warm spot.

We think our plastic planters could be a functional and fun addition to your Springtime garden preparation, take a look here and see how you can channel your inner Monty Don

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