Pop-up events inspiration from QUICKBLOCK

Pop-up events planning is a serious business, not least because of the growing trend but they’re also suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets. The very nature of them being temporary offers huge ROI opportunities for both small businesses and larger companies with deeper pockets.

Pop-up events are a fun way to create excitement for brands, offering the consumer an experience that is shareable and memorable. Adaptable across various industries from hospitality to banking and everything in between, we’re here to provide some QUICKBLOCK inspiration for you with our interlocking blocks.

  • Be sure to have a goal in mind

If you want to achieve pop-up events success, identifying your business goal before you begin will help. This could be as simple as gaining brand new customers or building your brand awareness, either way, identify it and make it measurable so you can quantify your pop-up events ROI. QUICKBLOCK recently launched our very own pop-up showroom which showcased a number of pop-up events ideas in order to use custom exhibition stands spaces more effectively. You can find out more here:


  • Think about your footfall

Reach your target audience where they are! There’s little point in creating pop-up events in remote locations. You may wish to take your event furniture to a pre-organised event designed to sell to your target audience or set it up within a high footfall area like a shopping centre to reach your audience. The possibilities for creative and adaptable event furniture with QUICKBLOCK are endless, hear from Marc, our product designer in this latest video about our interlocking blocks.

  • Consider logistics

Once your location is pinned down, your focus should be on event logistics, it may not sound like the most exciting part of pop-up event planning but logistics can be complex and you don’t want to forget the most important parts! Our tips for considerations include, parking, entrances, loading and unloading, power supply, WiFi, lighting, sound, projection, décor and any payment systems you require. If you opt to use QUICKBLOCK to build your custom exhibition stand then logistics will feel a lot easier. Our interlocking blocks are flat packed and ready to be shipped or delivered to the event location, easy to pop-up within minutes and can then be taken down, stored and used for another event, in a different creative form, at a later date.

  • Tell people about it

From social media to a website blog post, be sure to let your target audience know about your upcoming pop-up events.  This will help to create excitement and interest as well as build a fantastic atmosphere ahead of the event itself.

  • Keep up momentum

Imperative to the success of pop-up events is the ability to keep momentum going even after the event has ended. This mostly means reaching people who were unable to attend in person or following up on feedback and the excitement from those who did attend. You can consider live streaming your event, taking lots of photos and videos to share throughout or after the event as well as opting to stay in touch with your event attendee contacts. They’re sure to want to know where you got your fancy shell scheme from anyway… 

QUICKBLOCK is just perfect to support the events industry with various creative outputs including staging, shell schemes, pop-up events, custom exhibition stands and a whole lot more. Click here to read more about the benefits of our interlocking blocks or take a look at what Chris said recently on camera.

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