Sustainable building materials. How sustainable is QUICKBLOCK®?

We all know that we want our building materials to be durable, but what if they could be durable AND sustainable? 

QUICKBLOCK is made from 100% recycled polypropylene that would otherwise go to landfill – not just 90%, but a full 100%! We offer a practical solution to the current world issue of plastic waste. Future Agenda predicts that by 2050 the world will be producing three times as much plastic as we do today resulting in more plastic in our oceans than there are fish. QUICKBLOCK is part of the solution to end this by offering a sustainable building material. 

Not only is it produced from recycled materials, but it can be erected temporarily, dismantled, flat-packed, stored and reused again at a later date instead of filling our oceans with more plastic or heading off to landfill. Providing a sustainable and re-usable solution. 

QUICKBLOCK is manufactured from plastic injection moulding process which is much less energy intensive than that of cement blocks. We have engineered the recycled plastic to ensure optimal strength and durability (including extensive UV protection). Many  QUICKBLOCK structures have endured years of harsh weather conditions including record breaking levels of wind and rain at a test site on the west coast of Scotland.   

We believe that recycled plastic as a building material is currently overlooked and could solve a number of projects besides being kinder to our planet. Currently, the construction sector accounts for 50% of the UK’s resource consumption with the sector accounting for 40% of the country’s total emissions. Traditional building material, cement, contributes to 8% of the world Co2 emissions. Cement is also the second most consumed material on earth behind water.   

Our building system has similar properties to that of bricks and mortar. QUICKBLOCK structures are able to withstand 100mph winds, heavy rainfall, and high UV levels. The blocks can be in-filled with locally sourced materials such as sand, soil or type 1 hardcore to increase strength and stability. Insulation can also be used to increase thermal performance. Whilst they are lightweight, QUICKBLOCK are sturdy in their design and made to last.  

Construction is extremely fast with walls being built in a matter of minutes. Orders from UK based customers are delivered within 2-5 working days. QUICKBLOCK is supplied in flat-packed form which makes them simple to transport and store until work on your project can begin. Instructions on how to build with QUICKBLOCK are available here  and with every custom order, you are assigned your own project manager to help you with the project. Check out our homepage to watch the video of our structure being built in just 20 minutes. You’ll notice that not a single tool or piece of equipment is needed to create the structure, just a small team of people– saving you time and thousands of pounds on skilled labour.  

QUICKBLOCK have completed a number of amazing projects around the UK but are proud to showcase our client at Ardnamurchan Estate where visitors are able to take part in clay pigeon shooting. Remote areas of the UK are always subject to adverse weather conditions and our client identified the need for a shelter so that they guests could continue to shoot come rain or shine. You can take a look at the photos, transportation of materials, environmental performance and material selection for this project here 

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